We are the Family of Steele.

Superman is our unofficial mascot. For obvious reasons…

Our life is not far from the stereotypical family.

Thing 1 (B) is fighting her own demons while still on the trail to her first black belt. She never gives up. She constantly fights for what she wants. Oh and she loves all things science and outer space. Hence why we have a YouTube channel. Thanks B!

Thing 2 (E) was born perfect. Even with all of her diagnoses, she persists. She fights like hell, but she loves harder. Her smile can light up any room. She doesnt let being transgender put her in a corner. She lives her true self every day, bravely and courageously. She is the inspiration behind the name Spirited Wolf Media.

Our life can be challenging. So that is why we grasp as many moments as we can, and make an adventure out of them.

Wrong turn? Just a last minute adventure.

A storm in aisle 3? Let’s find out how we can make this an adventure to the exit.

We laugh. We cry. We fight. We love. We live.

But most importantly, we are in this crazy, beautifully chaotic thing called life…together.