One has ADHD/Anxiety/Growth Hormone Deficiency.

The other has SPD/Anxiety/Sleep Disorder/Communication Delay.

But they, and we, don’t let that stop us.

We figure out how to overcome our challenges one hurdle at a time.

Here is a little blurb I wrote about SPD a long time ago, back when I couldn’t handle the term SPD, and very temporarily renamed it Sensory Processing Dynamics. I have since come to an understanding with SPD, and accept it in all its forms. But this blurb meant a lot to me in the past:

Sensory Processing Disorder.

Super Power Docile. Super Power Drama. Super Power Destructive. Super Power Distressing. Super Power Deluxe. Super Power Dauntless. Super Power Determined. Super Power Dynamics.

Yup. Super Power Dynamics.

Sensory Processing Disorder to me, at this point in our adventures, is a little too real. And, we are a “Super” family (superman – man of steel – family of Steele – get it?). And, this blog is about finding the hope in the despair. And one of the ways you can find hope, is to just put a positive spin on things.

Trust me, it has been a long road to get to finding hope in the darkness. In fact, I am still “faking” it till I make it. And that is OK. Because as long as I can perceive there is hope, there is a reason to fight.

And with SPD – all I can do – is fight. Fight for my son daughter. Fight for my family. Fight for myself. So changing the words around from Sensory Processing Disorder to Super Power Dynamics – why the hell not? I am not, by any means, taking away or trying to distance from SPD, I am just trying to find our light on a dark path.

And here, you will find my raw emotions. My feelings. My pain. My despair. I will be writing of the adventures we are having – good and bad. I will be real. I will be true. I will also be fighting the stormy seas, reaching out for hope. Finding my anchors.