Photography & Videography

I am a photographer. Have been for over 18 years. It is my passion. My addiction. However, I am new to the world of videography.

But what is not new to me – documenting life. Real life. To be able to hold on to those moments that flash by in a millisecond.

I have found that videography is just an extension of that millisecond – it captures the true voice of the speaker. It captures a moving story – full of the speaker’s emotions and purpose.

My camera is just another appendage at this point. Some people get lost behind the lens and forget to experience what is happening in the present, the here and now. But for me, photography is only an extension of how I experience the present.

So what is my style? I thrive off of the candid – not the posed; the raw – not the premeditated; the real – not the false.

I strive for every photo to capture a meaning that you may not realize you need until looking at it later. Even 5-10 years later. I want my photos to capture a moment that the client may not have remembered because they were in a newborn baby (or puppy) fog. I love when my images leave a lasting impact on everyone – photographer, client, and public.

With that being said, I capture what my soul is leading me towards. I know I am on the right path, when one single image – tells a story full of hope, courage, wisdom, growth.

I finally have a site specifically for my photos! Well, its basic, and eventually I will upgrade it. But you can go to my shutterfly site to view all the below albums with 1 click!

P.S. you can still go to the following albums: So here is a list of where you can find albums of a few of my favorites (and my definition):

P.P.S. Everything is a work in progress. So this list can and may change as I evolve.