Who am I?

This is my 3rd 4th attempt at a blog. The first 2 3 – I held on for a few, but quickly forgot about them.  Perhaps they weren’t a good fit. This specific blog has been around since 2015. Maybe what I was trying to write about, wasn’t what I needed. 3rd time was not the charm. Maybe the 4th is? Right?


So here is my new (AGAIN) blog. I am going to chronicle our adventures of living with: 

An un-official Sensory Processing Disorder diagnosis for our son, along with all the other special super powers he was born;

Our journey with a daughter that has her own super powers she is struggling with but not letting it hold her back from growing up way too damn fast;

My experiences as a “super” mom – one that is honest, raw, and willing to share my struggles, my pain, and my happiness and hope;

And last, but probably not least (words are my therapy), my husband and I’s quest to remembering why we fell in love – finding our anchors. Especially in this stormy life we live.


Nothing is perfect. Our lives are far from perfect. The storms we experience, may seem un-survivable. But somehow, we always find our way back to each other. We are stronger together.


We are The Family of Steele.

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