The Future of this Blog

I mentioned a couple weeks ago that changes were in the works. (See that post here).

I love to write. Writing gives me an outlet. Seeing my thoughts “written” down – allows me to look at a situation a different way.

I have found that if I don’t write – if I don’t let it out somehow – I either bottle it up or let it explode. Neither is healthy. Or positive. Even if the subject is negative.

I have been on a search for my passion. And I have found pieces of it.

I have an undergrad in Psychology because I love the mind. I love how people think and how we view the world and interact with it.

I have a Masters in Business because I love the behind-the-scenes aspect of things. I love how things operate, how to make things and people and places operate more efficiently.

I have been searching for a new job. A career. Somewhere I can flourish and love and grow roots and have such passion for, that getting up in the morning is not a chore.

I gave myself a timeline that I would not finish the year at my current job.

So I have been looking for that new career. I am in a position where I do not need to settle. And I am not going to.

But as I am searching, as my personal timeline is quickly approaching its self-imposed deadline – the jobs I am qualified for, I am finding I do not have a desire for.

Which has led me to the question of: What do I want to do, who do I want to be – when I grow up? What am I passionate about?

I have discovered pieces of my passions. But those pieces are not going to pay the bills. Or will it?

I keep telling myself that my passions will never pay the bills. My inner, and outer voice, says “If only my passions paid the bills”, “If only I could make money doing what I love.”

IF only….

I listen to podcasts. And somehow I stumbled upon a podcast titled “Losing 100 Pounds with Phit-n-Phat”. I will be talking about this more in another post. I just started listening yesterday, and I cannot get enough. The host discusses how it is important to let go of the negative self talk, being positive, how losing weight is a mentality shift, and taking ownership of our actions. She is all about stopping the BS! Even if you don’t have to lose weight – she is worth listening to.

She discusses how it is important to believe in yourself.

So I am going to believe in myself. I am ready to love myself. I am ready to find my passions. I am ready to figure out how to make my passions a reality that pays the bills.

I have my MBA. I love business plans and dreaming up ideas. I do not know how I am going to translate my passions into money. YET. But I have the tools, and the capabilities to do it.

And here is where my blog comes in to play, and where the importance of this much needed change begins.

I have a lot to talk about. My life is insanely chaotic and active.

Thankfully, I love schedules. And I love routine.

One of the things I learned in business school – was that it is better to focus on one product and make that one product great, before branching out and spreading your company resources thin. Focus on that one thing – and do it well.

Makes sense. One of the first priorities of starting a business after determining what your product/service is going to be, is to determine your audience, and how you are going to reach that audience. Multiple products mean multiple different types of audiences which can water down your brand.

Oh yeah. You also have to figure out your brand. It better be memorable.

I have this blog – my product. My service? Writing about the truth of my life. My audience – ummmmmm…people that read blogs? Clearly I need to go back to this step. And I need to focus on this before creating my brand. Actually – I need to go back to the drawing board if I want to reach the audiences I want to.

With all that being said, I am going to throw out one of the lessons I learned – stick to one thing and do it well.

My life is active. As a family, we lean towards the non-stop side of the scale. Thankfully I am a great organizer and a planner.

So, I need to plan this blog to make it all work. I do not know who my audience is. Not yet. I will get there.

Here is the first change of many: dedicated topics on dedicated days – gotta cover it all somehow! I will be writing A LOT. And it will come in handy when I write my book one day.

These topics and these days are not complately set in stone. Just as life is fluid, my blog will be too. So if this set up doesnt work, I can always go back to the drawing board.

Mondays: Scout Corner Mondays – I am currently working towards the BPSA Rover Project Badge. And I will be using this blog to document my notes and progress. I will also have a dedicated scout blog that will have more in depth scout “stuff” – go check it out at

Tuesdays: Trailhead Tuesdays – I may not necessarily be hiking each and every Tuesday, but I will be posting any trail logs/notes from the trail from the previous week.

Wednesdays: Whatever Wednesdays – maybe I will post nothing, maybe I will post something random or wacky. Who knows?

Thursdays: Little Steps & Loving Myself Journey updates. These 2 are beginning to merge. I may let them. Or not.

Fridays: No Post Fridays

Saturdays: Super Steele Family Adventure Saturday – we tend to do family things Saturdays. If we don’t, then I may post something else that is on my mind.

Sundays: No Post Sundays.

Thank you for coming to my TedTalk. I look forward to the reinvention of my blog. And I look forward to seeing how my passions evolve.

Adventure On!

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